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Are your current services bringing you zero joy and 100% burnout?

Many solo entrepreneurs, like yourself, are finding themselves stuck in their own version of Groundhog's Day, desperately seeking an exit strategy from the same ole' gruntwork day in and day out. Can you relate?

Getting frustrated because your current line of work is sucking the life out of you
Wishing to be paid more for higher-level services
Losing opportunity due to limited time and energy
Wanting to chase your dreams but you're unclear on the "how" and the "what"

You Deserve To Be Recognized For The Value You Truly Bring

There Is More To Life Than Just Taking Whatever Work Comes Your Way.

Have you ever sat silently in networking meetings, wishing to talk about what you really want to offer but shied away out of fear of stumbling over your words?

Do you ever wonder how to stop getting pigeonholed by your old identity so you can show your value in a whole new way?

Have you spent nights thinking about the opportunities you could have pursued if you just dared to get out of your comfort zone?

Now is the time to shine a light through the fog and confusion. The key to getting paid more for higher-level services is your secret sauce, which is exactly what we help you uncover in our community. In just a few weeks, you will discover how you stand out from the marketplace, create offers that align with you and your why, and find the words and stories to communicate why your people should work with you.

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Amy Lanci

Founder, Untold Story Enterprises

I Learned The Value of What I Offer When I Was Willing to Stand In My Authority.

I was in the science for 14 years. That was a time when I got to do things people only dreamed of...

  • Working with live sea turtles
  • Traveling to places like Australia and the U.S. Virgin Islands to work alongside the world's best scientists in marine biology
  • Sharpened my observational abilities to study science, on the beach and in the lab

But by the tail end of my career, a health issue triggered my awakening and suddenly, I realized the path before me didn't match the purpose within. I didn't want to hide away in a lab, I wanted to go out into the world to speak on stages and share my story.

That was when I discovered that my true path was to become an entrepreneur. Since then, I have told my story on several stages, podcasts, TV interviews and social media. Using my unique experiences and insights, I was able to craft my story to speak to my audience and get me paid clients. All of this happened when I finally stepped into myself and my authority.

Now, I teach and guide solopreneurs, like you. People who know their reality doesn't match the vision in their heads. Together, we can uncover your expert authority and unleash your true potential.

Welcome to Untold Storyland!

Walk side-by-side with movers and shakers like you, who are ready to dive deep, hold you up when growth gets comfortable, and are more than happy to cheer you on as you step onto the world's stage.

Together, we will help you soar.

Success Stories

five stars

I learned that there is a definite thread throughout my life, which came out in some of my previous jobs and personal events, and [the workshop] clarified how and why I've ended up doing what I do now, and why."

Nathalie Sansonetti, Certified Health Coach
five stars

Amy sees right into my heart and soul. She demonstrated yet again how she is able to discern what to say to me in just a few words so that I gain a new perspective on my own self (from the outside in) and of my business, how to integrate it all and share a "new perspective of me" out into the world.  

Leslie sack
Leslie Sack, Danceformational Coach
five stars

There are Storytellers, Story Listeners and then there are Story the Holistic way of things being all three really is where the magic is. Amy is an absolute master of all 3.

Leslie Marsh
Leslie Marsh, Professional Speaker and Holistic Coach

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