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We help consultants and organizations who are currently dealing with communication issues in the areas of leadership transition and expert authority. With our customized effective communication strategies, you will be able to be a stronger leader with a thriving company culture.

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Are you tired of having your professional reputation and your leadership be defined and questioned by what other people say?

You’re exhausted from constantly having to fix people, conflicts and issues. Left and right, there are fires to always put out, and your ability to be seen as a strong leader is getting further and further out of reach due to the workplace dynamics. You might be seeing these problems bleed into your client relationships, where your boundaries and your value are getting undermined.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Departments and teams operate with conflicting goals and strategies
Constant communication breakdowns can lead to frustration and disengagement
Frequent fires and frustration hitting you left and right, every day, by team members and/or clients
Dissatisfied employees and clients
Damage to your organization’s brand and reputation
Reputation defined by others

Addressing these challenges is crucial for any leader and organization striving to achieve its goals and maintain a healthy, productive work environment.

We can help you find the root of the issue and show you how to improve communication skills within your organization

When you get right down to the nitty gritty, more people are on the same page than you may think. They are just speaking different languages.

That’s where we can step in.

With proven strategies and insights, we can uncover the untold story of your organization and guide you to a more harmonious company culture that benefits you, your employees and your bottom line.

At Untold Story Enterprises, we're in the business of helping you to improve communication skills so you can use your unique narrative to sharpen your leadership skills and authority within your organization and professional circles.

We work with our clients to create effective communication strategies to:

  • Raise the level of trust in a room
  • Create lasting relationships with your employees, prospects and clients.
  • Attract opportunities to grow personally and professionally

We’re here to help you find the story that needs to be told. Taking the time to improve communication skills for you and your organization, you will be able to create win-win scenarios and get out of firefighting mode for good.

Our Untold Story

Our organization began with our founder and CEO, Amy Lanci.

Growing up as a speech-delayed and deeply misunderstood child, Amy became a safe haven for people’s stories, whether it was for friends, family or strangers she just met! She always had a knack for pulling out the words and ideas that were weighing heavily on people’s hearts, even when she didn’t expect to.

Several years later, Untold Story Enterprises was born.

Untold Story Enterprises has played a key role to improve the communication skills of consultants and organizations by emphasizing emotional intelligence and high-level listening.


What’s possible when you master the language of your employee’s and prospects?

Grab a copy of Amy’s book, “Listen Up!: The Secret Languages of Intuitives, Creatives, and Analytical Thinkers” to get a snapshot!


Unleash the power of your untold story.


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Success Stories

“There are Storytellers, Story Listeners and then there are Story the Holistic way of things being all three really is where the magic is. Amy is an absolute master of all 3.

Her ability to put one at ease and to winkle out snippets of information that may have seemed not really relevant beforehand is uncanny and her capacity for explaining the ins and outs of building your best brand story has no equal in my opinion.

Amy has an archeological approach to getting to the treasure that is your story and then she uncovers, arranges, collates and shows how to get the best out of all your experiences and knowledge. At every step you are consulted, heard and respected. She is meticulous, gentle, a consummate professional and I can wholeheartedly recommend you get in touch with her now and avail yourself of her unique and powerful methodology when it comes to getting you to where you want to be, individually, as a Team or a Business.”

Leslie Marsh

Speaker and Holistic Coach at Leslie Marsh

“Amy has an uncanny ability to identify the words and phrases that truly represent you and your business. Her advice gave me more courage to reveal the subtleties of my offer and promote the true transformation that is possible through working with me.

Her insight is invaluable to any business that wants to connect to their perfect clients authentically through words.

I am really grateful to Amy for helping me to understand how to bring more of ‘me’ and more of my mission and values into conversations.”

Aideen Ni Riada

Intuitive Voice Coach

“One thing I find exceptionally valuable about Untold Story is Amy’s gift for asking questions and listening compassionately with genuine interest in ways that allow me to think differently about my own past and gain more clarity about my path forward. Amy is thoughtful, genuine, and brings a natural curiosity that allows fresh ideas to come out.”

Dave Baldwin

Fractional CFO

“Amy sees right into my heart and soul.  In her workshop she demonstrated yet again how she is able to discern what to say to me in just a few words so that I gain a new perspective on my own self (from the outside in) and of my business, how to integrate it all and share a "new perspective of me" out into the world.

Amy softens the harshness of my own self judgments by seeing the gold in what  truly lies within me.  She asks brilliant questions and helps me to see myself in a holistic sense (not just in parts as I'm prone to doing).

I'm so grateful for Amy sharing her wisdom with all of us so gracefully and respectfully.  I left her workshop feeling more self empowered, positive and in charge of my next steps to take.”

Leslie Sack

Danceformational Coach

Ready To Step Into a New Chapter?

We believe that every story matters and everyone deserves to be heard. Together, we can raise the level of trust in any room.