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About Amy Lanci

Get to the Heart of Your Untold Story, To Open Your Next Chapter

Organizations hire me to facilitate better and clearer communication to improve employee morale and increase productivity.

My Untold Story

Even though people look at me as a good communicator and someone who is great with words, I wasn’t always this way.

From early childhood, I struggled with speaking and feeling confident in my skin. Because of my speech-delay, my extreme shyness, and my social awkwardness, I went through 9 years of speech therapy to “catch up” with the other kids. Even then, I felt very much “out of place” and misunderstood. I longed to be one of the “cool kids” but instead, remained an underdog.

It wasn’t until I got married and went through my health and spiritual journey, that I finally realized that these parts of myself could heal. I started to find my voice and that felt amazing. At the same time, I recognized that I had a gift: That strangers who crossed paths with me told me their life stories within minutes of meeting me. I used to think this was normal until a good friend of mine set me straight that this was anything but!

When I became a mom and started my first business, I was thrown into a world I had no idea to navigate. My degree was in science and I had no experience with sales, marketing and business management. I ended up investing thousands upon thousands of dollars from our savings to invest in coaches and programs to teach me everything I needed to know.

Eventually, I went into copywriting and communication and felt a natural knack for it. Drawing on my experience in science, my knowledge of business and my fluency in the spiritual communities, I recognized that different people resonated more with certain words. When I used those words, it was like a secret handshake that not only made the copy better but it helped me to open more doors of opportunities to speaking gigs, more clients, and more income.

Since then, I’ve gone on to help bigger businesses and organizations to help facilitate better communication among their departments and teams to improve employee morale, empower the leadership, resolve conflict and increase productivity.

Now, I wish to share my gift with you so your organization can have a bright future.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

- Maya Angelou



I believe that no matter what the situation is, all parties involved are looking to be heard and understood. I always strive to honor that need for every person and organization I work with.


Curiosity is the key to defusing tension when emotions are high. By staying curious about an individual or an issue, I am able to step back to see the big picture and uncover the hidden truths within.


As human beings, we were never meant to go through life alone. That’s why we think of half-crazed people when we think of hermits who spend months and years up in the mountains, all by themselves. We need to feel connected with other people and through that connection, we can troubleshoot nearly impossible scenarios and resolve them like magic.


Every disagreement, battle, and war in history is all because one or more people were not heard. When we implement strategies and invest the time to hear what others have to say and listen to the lessons we need to learn, then we can put away our swords and live a more peaceful existence.


Work With Me

Your words have power and if you are not able to use that power correctly, your organization will continue to be a world of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Save time, energy, and your bottom line by hiring Amy to be your communication consultant. Together, you will be able to find out the real untold story behind your organization’s communication issues, implementation of key communication strategies, and the formulation of your organization’s common language.

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