Expert authority service
Expert authority service

Tired of feeling undervalued and unsure in your entrepreneurial journey?

Elevate Your Authority as a Consultant in Just 12 Weeks Without Second-Guessing

You deserve guidance that recognizes your expertise and knows the path to elevate you as a consultant.

Know Your Value

Transition Gigs Smoothly

Embrace Your Genius

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Ever Felt Like Your True Value as a Service Provider Is Overlooked?

In the world of entrepreneurship, being recognized for your true worth is essential. The struggle of not charging enough and feeling undervalued can hinder your progress. Is this what you're facing?

Difficulty in communicating your new role as a consultant
Not charging what you're truly worth
Battling to understand and assert your value and worth
Feeling anxious and nervous about introducing yourself at networking events
Lacking confidence and clinging to your old, familiar persona

You Deserve to Be Recognized for Your Expertise and Genius.

There Is More To Your Business Than Sticking With The Familiar

Have you ever felt that your entrepreneurial journey is hindered by not being able to transition effectively to a consultant role?

Do you ever wonder if there’s more to your career than just providing services that trade your time for dollars?

Are you worried about losing business or starting all over again, should you make the switch to becoming a consultant?

Now is the time to embrace your full potential as a consultant. In just 12 weeks, you can gain the clarity and confidence to communicate your new role and charge what you're truly worth.

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Amy Lanci

Owner, Untold Story Enterprises

I Learned How To Transition from Service Provider to Recognized Consultant

I'm Amy Lanci, and I understand the power of effective communication and transition. As a consultant who has navigated these waters, I've mastered the art of shifting perception and embracing new roles.

  • Expert in guiding entrepreneurs through their evolution
  • Skilled in crafting powerful narratives for personal branding
  • Experienced in boosting confidence and clarity in professional roles

With my guidance, you can confidently step into your role as a consultant, ensuring you're seen and paid as the expert you are.

Transform Your Professional Identity

With a coach who hears your voice, understands your dreams, and guides you to your true potential.



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Your expertise deserves recognition. Let's make it happen.



Follow Your Customized Communication Roadmap

Together, we’ll craft the language and strategies that reflect your value as a consultant.



Step Into Your New Role With Confidence

Your professional growth matters. Let’s make sure it’s realized.

Become a Recognized Consultant Like Never Before

five stars

“From day one, Amy has far exceeded my expectations. She's so kind and loving and went above and beyond in every aspect. I learned so much about myself around who I am in my business and how to get my messages across. Her approach was absolutely perfect for me.

I didn't feel rushed or pushed, she held a compassionate space for me. She allowed me to be myself so I can organically tap into my own voice and confidence. She helped me to discover my passion and story so I can speak it aloud to the world. And now I'm doing just that.

I'm so very grateful. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Amy to anyone. She's brilliant, very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.”

Testimonial Christina Shine
Christina Shine

Transformation Coach
Empower Your Soul

Your Pathway to Asserting Your Expertise

Embrace your true potential, learn to communicate your new role effectively, and confidently charge what you're worth, in just one week. Get ready to transform your professional identity and be seen as the expert consultant you are!


Elevator Pitch Development

Create a powerful and personal introduction that really captures who you are and what you do. Phase 1 (Elevator Pitch Development) defines what makes you unique in your field.

Helping you improve how you communicate your message and adjusting your approach to suit different audiences.

It's about mastering the art of presenting your skills and expertise in a way that's both memorable and effective, tailored to engage and resonate with various listeners in your professional network.

Step 1

Identify Your Unique Value Proposition

Pinpoint what sets you apart in your industry. Highlight your skills, expertise, or innovative approach that distinguishes you from others.

Step 2

Polish Your Delivery Skills

Hone your elevator pitch through consistent practice. Familiarity with your message will boost confidence and improve your delivery, making it more engaging and authentic.

Step 3

Tailor for Different Audiences

Customize your elevator pitch for various audiences. Whether speaking to potential clients, collaborators, or investors, ensure your elevator pitch resonates with their specific interests and needs.


Solidify Your Why and Vision

Phase 2 (Solidify Your Why and Vision) is about diving deep into the heart of your consulting journey.

This part helps you explore and put into words what really drives you in your work. It's like shining a light on the reasons you get up every morning excited to do what you do.

This section is all about connecting deeply with your mission and confidently sharing it with the world.

Step 4

Define Your Personal Mission

Reflect on Values and Passions: Delve into your personal values and passions. What aspects of communication consulting align most with your interests? This introspection will form the foundation of your mission.

Step 5

Craft a Clear Mission Statement

Summarize your personal mission in a concise statement. This becomes the guiding force behind your consulting business, providing a clear sense of purpose and direction.

Step 6

Communicate Your Vision Clearly

Share your vision with transparency. Clearly communicate the impact you aim to make through your consulting services, fostering trust and resonance with potential clients and collaborators.


Find Your Untold Story

Phase 3 (Find Your Untold Story) focuses on uncovering and shaping your unique professional journey.

This section guides you in reflecting on your experiences, connecting them to your consulting expertise, and crafting a narrative that resonates with diverse audiences.

It's about highlighting how your personal growth and lessons learned make you a uniquely qualified consultant, ready to share your story in an engaging and relevant way.

Step 7

Extract Lessons Learned

Reflect on the lessons learned from your experiences. These insights form the basis of your untold story, demonstrating growth and wisdom that can inspire and connect with your audience.

Step 8

Connect Your Story to Your Consulting Niche

Establish a connection between your personal story and your expertise as a consultant. Demonstrate how your journey uniquely qualifies you to address specific challenges in the field.

Step 9

Craft a Compelling Narrative for Various Audiences

Structure your untold story into a coherent narrative. From the initial challenges to transformative moments and eventual expertise, create a story line that captivates and engages your audience, no matter who you are with.

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Unlock Your True Potential as a Consultant. Communicate Your Worth. Shine in Your Field.

You’ve been an undervalued service provider for too long. It’s time to be recognized.

As your communication coach, I help you:

  • Find the right language to introduce yourself as a consultant
  • Understand and assert your value
  • Transition smoothly without losing business
  • Step out of your old persona and embrace your genius

Cultivate a new professional identity that reflects your true worth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Communication consulting establishes you as an expert by showcasing your ability to navigate and resolve complex communication challenges. This positions you as a thought leader, elevating your authority within your industry.

The timeline is 12 weeks and much of that depends on your commitment and engagement. Regular practice and feedback contribute to the development of a compelling and impactful elevator pitch.

Absolutely. We delve into your unique strengths, experiences, and passions to pinpoint a niche that aligns with your expertise. This focused approach not only enhances your authority but also attracts clients seeking specialized guidance.

I guide you through a reflective process to define your personal mission and connect it with your consulting services. This clarity not only strengthens your vision but also serves as a powerful foundation.

Yes, storytelling is a powerful tool for building connections and trust. I help you uncover and craft your untold story, infusing authenticity into your narrative, which significantly contributes to building your expert authority.

Absolutely. Whether you're an independent consultant or managing a small firm, the guidance is tailored to suit your needs. The principles of expert authority and effective communication are applicable and scalable across various business sizes.

We explore your personal and professional journey to identify formative experiences that uniquely position you within your niche. Integrating these experiences into your consulting narrative strengthens your authority and resonates with your target audience.

Yes, we work on strategies to enhance your online presence, from crafting a professional bio to utilizing social media effectively. Building a strong online presence is crucial for establishing and maintaining expert authority in today's digital landscape.

We align your consulting journey with your personal goals and values to create a fulfilling and purpose-driven venture. This holistic approach ensures that your expert authority is not only impactful but also aligned with your broader life objectives.

I provide ongoing support through our sessions, helping you navigate challenges, refine strategies, and adapt to the consulting landscape.

Find your professional voice. Feel the transformation. Achieve the recognition you deserve.

Stop being just a service provider, you know way too much to box yourself in.

Start stepping into your role as a consultant and finally, be recognized like you deserve.