Thriving company culture service
Thriving company culture service

Tired of endless conflicts and decreased productivity in your organization?

Transform Your Organization's Communication in Just 1 Year Without the Chaos

You deserve a consultant who has your back. Together, we will use the art of communication to get to the root of your unique challenges and pave a path forward to your thriving company culture.

Uproot Communication Issues

Unite Diverse Teams

Improve Employee Morale


Ever Felt Like Your Organization's Voice is Getting Drowned Out by All of the Noise?

In the business world, clear communication is crucial. The burden of miscommunication can derail the most promising companies. Does this sound like your organization?

Struggling with decreased productivity and frequent mistakes
Constant conflicts between departments
Endlessly putting out fires and living in chaos
Suffering from low team morale and a toxic blame culture

Your Organization Deserves to Thrive and Be Heard

There Is More to Success Than Just Hard Work

Have you ever felt that your organization's potential is hampered by poor communication, which is affecting customer service and brand reputation?

Do you wonder if there’s a way to transform your workplace into a productive, peaceful environment where every team communicates effectively?

Have you seen your bottom line suffer because clients and customers lose confidence due to internal communication issues?

Now is the time to turn the tide. In just 1 year, you can revolutionize your organization's communication, leading to increased profits, saved time, and countless opportunities.

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Amy Lanci

Owner, Untold Stories Enterprise

I Have Mastered the Art of Communication to Transform Organizations

I'm Amy Lanci, and I understand the power of words and communication. Growing up with speech delays, I felt the pain of being misunderstood. But my journey through science and entrepreneurship taught me that effective communication is key to success. From my work in government, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, I have witnessed the damage that can occur when issues and conflicts continue to go unaddressed and unresolved.

Now, I bring this expertise to your company:

  • Expert in assessing and resolving communication issues
  • Skilled in creating a common language for diverse teams
  • Experienced in transforming chaotic workplaces into models of efficiency

With my help, your organization can overcome communication barriers and foster a culture of understanding and productivity.

Revolutionize Your Organization's Communication

With a consultant who deeply understands your challenges, offers tailored strategies, and paves the way for effective interaction.



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Your organization's success begins with addressing communication issues.



Implement Key Communication Strategies

Together, we’ll investigate your issues, mediate between teams, and train your staff for better communication.



Witness Your Organization Transform

Your organization's future is bright. Let's unlock it together.

Transform Your Workplace Communication

five stars

“Amy is the perfect liaison who can gap the differences. She can take the details and organize them simply. She creates a culture where no one knows who the boss is because she just steps in and does it.”

Lena Hunt

Custom Brewed Marketing

Your Blueprint to Effective Communication

Discover the untold story behind your organization’s communication challenges, implement key strategies, and create a common language. Get ready to experience a transformation in teamwork, morale, and profitability.


Assess the known communication issues

Phase 1 (Assess the Known Communication Issues) is designed to help organizations understand and address their communication challenges.

In this section, teams and departments will analyze their communication goals and past issues, identifying where misunderstandings or conflicts have occurred. It also involves reviewing previous strategies for communication improvement, evaluating their effectiveness.

This careful examination is essential for developing a clear understanding of the communication dynamics within the organization, setting the groundwork for more effective and cohesive communication strategies in the future.

Step 1

Clarify Goals and Projects

Unravel the intricacies of your company's objectives and projects by aligning communication goals, ensuring a clear pathway to success.

Step 2

Inventory Past Issues

Compile a comprehensive inventory of past communication hiccups, identifying the involved parties and dissecting the root causes for effective troubleshooting.

Step 3

Assess Steps & Results

Scrutinize previous attempts at resolution, assessing their impact and efficacy, paving the way for more informed solutions.


Discover the unknowns

The second section of our framework, Discover the Unknowns, delves deeper into uncovering hidden communication challenges within organizations.

It involves conducting interviews with leaders and stakeholders, undercover shadowing in key departments, and comprehensive research.

This approach is essential for gaining a complete understanding of the intricate communication dynamics and unspoken issues that impact the organization. Setting the stage for developing more effective communication strategies.

Step 4

Leadership & Stakeholder Interviews

Engage in insightful interviews with leadership and stakeholders to unveil latent communication challenges and glean invaluable perspectives.

Step 5

Undercover Observations & Findings

Navigate the undercurrents of key departments through undercover shadowing, offering independent observations and unearthing hidden communication dynamics.

Step 6


Conduct meticulous research to illuminate any concealed factors impacting communication, ensuring a holistic understanding of the organizational landscape.


Create and Implement the Effective Communication Plan

Phase 3 (Find Your Untold Story) focuses on uncovering and shaping your unique professional journey.

This section guides you in reflecting on your experiences, connecting them to your consulting expertise, and crafting a narrative that resonates with diverse audiences.

It's about highlighting how your personal growth and lessons learned make you a uniquely qualified consultant, ready to share your story in an engaging and relevant way.

Step 7

Custom Communication Strategies

Craft customized communication strategies tailored to your company's unique needs, leveraging insights from assessments and discoveries to address specific pain points.

Step 8

Communication Plan Rollout

Gradually introduce and implement the communication plan, fostering a seamless integration that minimizes disruptions while maximizing positive impact.

Step 9

Observe, Evaluate, and Adjust

Maintain a vigilant eye on the evolving communication landscape, continuously observing, evaluating, and adjusting the plan as needed to ensure lasting success in fostering a thriving company culture.

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Unleash Your Organization's True Potential. Communicate with Clarity. Prosper Together.

Don't let miscommunication hold back your organization's growth.

Start the journey towards a harmonious, efficient, and prosperous workplace.

As your communication consultant, I help you:

  • Assess and resolve deep-rooted communication issues
  • Foster a common language that unites diverse teams
  • Mediate for clarity and focus, improving morale and reducing stress

Build a culture of effective communication and mutual respect

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Frequently Asked Questions

I specialize in a wide range of communication challenges, from misalignment of company goals to interpersonal conflicts. Whether it's project mismanagement or team collaboration issues, my approach is tailored to uncover and resolve various communication obstacles.

The duration varies based on the size and complexity of the organization. Typically, the assessment phase can range from a few weeks to a couple of months. I prioritize a thorough understanding over speed to ensure accurate insights.

Rest assured, strict confidentiality is maintained throughout the entire process. Team members are unaware of the observation, and all information gathered is treated with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

The communication plan is customized based on assessments and discoveries specific to your organization. I work closely with your team to integrate strategies that resonate with your company's values, ensuring a seamless fit.

Certainly! I have successfully helped organizations enhance team collaboration, streamline project communication, and resolve conflicts. While specific case details are confidential, I can share general success stories during our consultation.

Continuous evaluation is a key aspect of my approach. If adjustments are needed, we collaborate to refine the communication plan. Flexibility is built into the process to ensure the strategies evolve in tandem with your organization's changing dynamics.

Absolutely. My methodology is adaptable and scalable, making it suitable for organizations of various sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a larger corporation, the focus is on tailoring solutions to meet your specific communication needs.

Success metrics are defined collaboratively during the planning phase and can include improved team satisfaction, enhanced project efficiency, and reduced conflicts. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions help gauge the plan's effectiveness over time.

Yes, I understand the importance of minimizing disruptions. The communication plan is designed for a gradual rollout, allowing for smooth integration with ongoing projects to avoid unnecessary disturbances.

While most consultants will work mainly with the leadership team and work with their viewpoints, my approach combines thorough assessments, undercover shadowing, and a customized communication plan based on a holistic view of your overall organization. I prioritize understanding the unique nuances of each organization to deliver tailored solutions that foster a thriving company culture.

Find your organization's voice. Feel the transformation. Achieve unmatched success.

Stop letting communication barriers stifle your organization.

Start building a future where everyone communicates effectively, working together towards common goals.